“We Serve You with Care”


We will constantly improve our products and services to provide better health and better living for people in our community.


Guided by our value, we would conquer premium dietary supplement industry to deliver our community with better health and our stakeholders with premium satisfaction.


V. M. Natures Plus Co., Ltd. was initiated in the year 1996 with the idea that aim to provide better health to Thai people with less relying on medicine products but utilize dietary supplement for better health and reducing risks and prevention of health related issues. Therefore, V. M. Natures Plus Co., Ltd. carefully select and imports certain brands of dietary supplement from the United States of America to achieve our aforementioned goals with premium quality products under the United States standard which are all GMP certified and recognized by the US FDA.


As Boscogen® is one of the well reputed premium quality dietary supplement manufacturers in the United States of America, we see a great mixture of state of the art GMP science and unique formulation as ideal products that our customers can trust and rely on.

V. M. Natures Plus Co., Ltd. always selects the best to pursue your best health.

V. M. Natures Plus Co., Ltd. is the legal sole distributor and importer of Lynae® brand products in Thailand territory.




V.M. Natures Plus Co., Ltd. was initiated on January 5th, 1996. 


Relocated to Sathorn 11 Road office due to rapid expansion.


With our ideal in mind, we proudly made our entrance into hospital and clinic markets in light to help patients less relying on medication as well as improving their overall health at the same time.


Relocated to a new building with 4 stories on Chan road;

○     Higher efficiency workspace

○     Convenience to access

○     Better hub to distribute products

○     Packaging facility is approved by Thailand FDA

All to improve our efficiency


From past experience and continuous learning mindset, we are now optimized with teams of knowledgeable salespeople and product consultants of over 60 people in drug stores across Bangkok and big cities. But, we would continue to improve in all aspects, all to achieve our ultimate goal - you with the better health!



Health & Product Hotline083 073 2115 General Inquiry02 2867731-2