General Questions

Where is LYNAE® products being distributed in Thailand?

- Simply navigate to Store Location page and enter queries to find the pharmacy selling our products in your neighborhood. If you cannot find any store nearby your location, please contact our general inquiries line, we are more than happy to help get you any of your preferred products. 

How would we inquire information about products and services of Lynae®?

- For any information related to health and product, please dial 083 073 2115
- For any other inquiry, please dial 02 286 7731 to 2

How long have LYNAE® been in the market?

- LYNAE® was first introduced over 20 years ago in the States. Lynae® made its first appearance in 1996 and counting! 

How many countries have LYNAE® products been distributed to?

- LYNAE® products are being distributed in over 40 countries across all regions in the world. 

Product Questions  

How can we be sure about quality of LYNAE® products?

- Our entire line is manufactured in our on-site, state of the art facility which is US GMP approved facility that has been approved by the US FDA and Thai FDA. This reflects our commitment in safety and quality for our best customers. 

How come sometimes product color varies in different batches?

- Here at LYNAE®, we only select ingredients from natural with not additives and colorings. For example, bilberry could come in different shade depending on uncontrollable factors like changes in environment and climate or other factors of color in different lot number as raw material. We add neither any additives nor coloring substance to control product color as we want our products to be truly natural. However, you can rest assure that we carefully select only quality raw material to make quality products for our consumers. 

Should we take dietary supplement?

- It is truly essential for us to consume appropriate diet from the 5 group foods to stay healthy. However, in such a rush lifestyle, we have less time and need a more convenient and timely solution. This is where processed food and Western food cultures come into play. These foods contain less and fewer nutrients and more of processed chemicals, carbohydrates, and saturated fat which could result in high cholesterol, obesity, Stroke, and other obesity and cholesterol related illnesses. Moreover, with such food lacking of nutrients, we have no chance to absorb sufficient nutrients for our daily needs. Thus, we need to support our body with additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from dietary supplement. Not only this, people with certain conditions, for example pregnancy, lactating mother, patients in recovery phase, and more need certain kind of supplements in a certain amount to support their conditions. 

How would dietary supplement be beneficial to us?

- To answer this question properly, we first need to clarify that dietary supplement is neither a food substitute nor medication. There could be cases causing to have insufficient nutrition, which lead to certain conditions, for example, irregular digestive and absorption system in our body, excessive excretion, dietary, lifestyle, side effect of certain medication. The major role of dietary supplement is to support and compensate those needs to attain good health, prevent certain symptoms, and keep our body to function normally and healthily. Unlike dietary supplement, the role of medication is to treat symptoms not to prevent symptoms at the root cause like dietary supplement. All in all, it is suggested to consult your physical doctor or professional prior to consumption. 

Should we take dietary supplement in long-term?

- The ultimate goal of taking dietary supplement is to achieve good health and to support and make certain condition better. The key here is that dietary supplement must be friendly to your bone, liver, and nervous systems. Therefore, to take dietary supplement in long-term, we need to consider;

  • Your Goal: Different people have different goals in their healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right product(s) to achieve your goal is crucial, in which you should understand well or get consultation from expert or physical doctor prior to consumption.
  • Your Condition: It is the best to assess and fully understand your physical condition prior to consumption of dietary supplement. This includes your medical history, current condition, and whether your prospect dietary supplement would have any negative effect on them.

- It is also important to aware of RDI (Recommended Daily Intake), which could have negative effect on your body when excessive consumption. All in all, dietary supplement can be consumed in long-term. However, it is the best to assess your goal and condition to optimize the result and to maintain good health and prevent illnesses in long-term. However, sufficient diet and regular exercising along with optimism is highly recommended to attain your best of health.

Specific Product Questions


 Why are there a symptoms of dizziness or stomach upset after taking Zinc?

-  Such symptoms could be adverse effects of Zinc, which is totally normal. If the symptoms persist after continuous consumption, you can lower these adverse effects by;

  • Take zinc before bed
  • Divide Zinc tablet by half. Take one half 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal in the morning and take another half in the evening.
  • Take Zinc every other day
Vitamin C

If one has a gastrointestinal (GI) tract related problem, and since vitamin C is acidic, is it safe to take vitamin C as dietary supplement? Would vitamin C have any effect on GI tract?

-   We are fully aware that vitamin C is acidic. With that very reason, we developed time release formula, in which vitamin C will be released gradually and steady to;

  • Reduce GI tract irritation and is suitable for those with GI tract related problems or are taking stomach acid neutralizer.
  • Keep vitamin C gradually and steady active
  • Stabilize vitamin C in our body, whereas can be immediately drown out when our body needs vitamin C or when in vitamin C deficiency state.
  • Be friendly for long-term consumption

Which form or Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) is the best between, dried reishi, powdered reishi, and reishi extract?

-  Reishi comes in different forms and has broad range of benefit. The most favored form is reishi extract which comes in capsules. Reishi extract is more concentrated comparing to the other forms of reishi, and it has better and higher absorption and activation rate. Additionally, our process of extraction is clean and safe according to US GMP and FDA standards.

There are symptoms of dizziness, sleepiness, fatigue, and heat after starting with reishi. Is this allergic reaction? Should I stop taking reishi?

-  Such symptoms are typical in those who just start taking Reishi. Reishi stimulates cellular detoxification. It activates and energizes the cells to deal with accumulating toxins in your body, and the cells are induced to expel the toxins. This is actually a positive sign that your body responds to detoxification. Such symptoms are temporary and should persist no longer than 2 – 7 days depending on your level of toxin accumulation. You can continue taking reishi even with such detoxification symptoms. If the detoxification is too much to handle, you can adjust the dose until you feel more comfortable and continue on the normal dose after you pass detoxification state. However, please do not stop taking as your body is undergo the toxin cleaning process. Reishi can also be taken alongside with doctor prescribed medication.

Tri Amino Acid

Tri Amino Acid is essential amino acids to increase height in children. For children who have trouble swallowing capsules, is there alternative ways of taking Tri Amino Acid? When is the best time to take Tri Amino Acid?

-  Tri Amino Acid comes in capsules. For children who have trouble taking capsule, simply open a Tri Amino Acid capsule and mix the Tri Amino Acid powder with a glass of juice or any beverages of your choice. A dosage of 1 – 2 capsules with an empty stomach is recommended for the best absorption to naturally stimulate growth hormone when sleeping for better body growth. 

Beta Carotene

Are Beta Carotene and vitamin A the same? Which one is better?

-  Beta Carotene is provitamin A, unlike plain vitamin A, provitamin A are natural extracted substance, and it is in the best form for your body, which yield the optimized benefits. Provitamin A will transform into vitamin A only is an amount in which your body needs. This process ends once your body attains sufficient vitamin A, and thus, leaves no toxin to be accumulated in your body. Therefore, Beta Carotene is as safe as natutrition from your daily consumption. 



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